Our Parent Forum gives parents an opportunity to discuss issues and share celebrations about our school. The forum is led by Mrs Kimm Atkins (Senior leader) and Mrs Ann Wilkins (Parent liaison governor).

Issues discussed this term include:

Parent/Teacher Meetings

You said: The settling in information sessions in October were not useful.

Parents would prefer an October Termly Learning Conference (TLC)

We did: 

We had amended the calendar for TLCs which will be held

October (to discuss Summer term Attainment and transition into new class)

January (to discuss Autumn term attainment)

May (to discuss Spring term attainment)

A full report will still be issued at the end of the academic year (July).


You said: Homework was not consistent across different classes.

A homework book which is marked each week would be helpful.

We did:

Revised the homework policy

We issued Homework books with weekly maths, English and Reading for each class from January 2017.

We issued a parental guide for feedback/marking and homework (see below)

Healthy Eating

You said: There are lots of unhealthy snacks on the playground.

We did: 

A health committee group has already been set up which includes pupils, a parent volunteer, the head teacher, Starlands coach and Sam the school cook. This committee is promoting healthy snacks and exercise to all pupils.

Articles which promote healthy snacks and drinks will appear in the newsletter.

Behaviour Policy

You said: 

Parents like the behaviour charts being the same in each class.

There was some confusion about what other procedures back up the behaviour policy.

We did: 

We will ensure that the classroom behaviour charts are consistent across the school.

Behaviour expectations and sanctions are printed in every child's planner. (See below)

We will provide a full explanation about our school systems in the newsletters at regular intervals under a Did you know… page.