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Luna - School Dog

We have had an additional member of the school join us this academic year! Luna is our school dog who will be trained to work alongside children very soon. Mrs Graham and Mr Ray have been talking for a while about getting a school dog and discussing the many benefits one would bring to our pupils.

At the end of July, Mr Ray picked up Luna and took her home - she was tiny!

During the 6-week holidays, Luna spent time in school, sniffing around and finding her feet. Last week, Luna started her, almost, full week in school. 


We introduced Luna to the children in assembly last week and she has had a few door-stop visits to classrooms. Until Luna has completed her school training with The Dog Mentor (www.thedogmentor.co.uk), she resides in the offices where she is spoilt rotten! Children may see Luna out and about but they have been asked not to interact with her at the moment. Training is scheduled for mid November.


We appreciate that some parents/carers and children may have apprehensions about a dog being on the school ground. A risk assessment and pet policy is in place and will be available on Luna’s page on our website - this will be live in a few days time.


We want to reassure everyone that no child will be forced to interact with Luna at any stage, and when time comes, we will collect information about allergies and any fears/anxieties children may have.


If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to Mrs Graham or Mr Ray.


The risk assessment and Pet Policy are available on our policies page