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What makes us so special?

Year 2 is a fantastic year! They are at the top of Key stage 1 meaning they are able to shine as the perfect role models for their younger peers. Year 2 is a very special year because it is a time where the children grow as individuals and learners to find their own learning styles to follow them through school. We have a very important task in year 2- we undertake ‘Secret Agent Training’ which is very exciting for our agents. We are learning lots of new things all year to prepare us for Secret Agent Training but we also have lots of fun while we learn. We are a great class who really love learning new things and making our teachers proud.


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Yearly Overview

Detailed Overview


Reading every day is vital and parents must sign a child’s planner to show that this is happening. Children are rewarded using our ‘star chart’ system when they read at home and they record this on a class chart so we can work out how many children have read every night.

Due to the current COVID guidelines, reading books new reading books are distributed on Monday and collected again on Thursday. This allows the books to be isolate for 3 days before being re-issued.

To ensure children never run out of reading material, parents we use the EPIC online reading resource and parents are given ‘question starters’ to help them question their child about their reading.


For now, children can access Library books from our class library. Each child has a fictional text which they keep with their wallet of personal supplies. Library books are not currently being sent home.

We do PE on Friday afternoons and, to avoid children having to change clothing, they come to school wearing their PE kit.



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Year 2 had great fun learning about creation. We looked at the song ‘All things bright and beautiful’ and then made a list of things God created. We used our art skills to colour in different animals and people.

We are working on improving our fitness during our PE sessions and have been completing circuit style activities to do this. We measured and recorded what we could do at the start and will hopefully see an improvement when we measure our fitness levels again before half term. The children have also come up with their own challenge for at home – to try and be active for an extra 15 minutes each day.

We learnt about the different parts of the body and what they are called. We learnt how important a skeleton is and even used our art skills to produce one making straws.