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Class teacher
Miss A Onions
Support staff
Mrs J Gunn


What makes us so special?

Year 3 is a very special year as it is the first year of being a Junior. There are lots of changes and things to remember in Year 3 but also lots of fun to be had! Being in Year 3 means that there is now the opportunity to have a school job such as a play leader or worship leader. We start swimming lessons and one of the most exciting things about being in Year 3 is that we get to take part in the KS2 play at the Prince of Wales Theatre.


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Yearly Overview


Reading at home is exceptionally important, as in any other year. Planners are checked every morning to see if children have read at home and those that have receive a ‘star chart’ reward. Children have the opportunity to change reading books every day, so there is always something to read, however, they are also encouraged to read a book more than once to improve their reading fluency. It is vital that children understand the text that they have read, so asking questions and talking about the text is encouraged.


PE takes place on Monday afternoons and children are asked to come to school in their PE kit.

Year 3 swimming lessons do not start straight away, parents will be notified when they do.