Dear parents and carers,

As you may be aware, it is often the case that severe weather occurs over the winter months. It is always our aim at Holy Trinity to keep our school open but there may be occasions when the school will need to close if there is heavy snow or other extreme conditions. It is not necessary for all staff to reach school but we do need to have sufficient staff in school to ensure that children are safe. Some of our teachers, our caretaker and some teaching assistants live some distance from school and it is possible that they may not be able to reach school in the event of severe weather. The safety and well-being of our whole community is always our primary concern.

In the event of heavy snowfall, Mrs Graham and Mrs Clarke liaise about school closure and aim to make a decision at the earliest possible time, this may be the night before if conditions are severe.

If the schools need to close, all families will be informed via text messages, radio broadcasts, school website and face book. It is very important that you keep us updated with any changes of mobile numbers and that you make sure your primary contact phone remains charged and switched on. Occasionally parents do not receive messages because their phone is turned off or because they have changed their numbers.

It is important that you check our school website for information and updates. as class teachers will email appropriate work for the children to complete at home.  Mrs Graham will ensure this is posted on the school website for you to access by 10am on a school closure day.

Please try not to phone the school office to check if the school is open. We need to keep the phone lines open to ensure that staff can call in and so that we can make emergency arrangements.

Please make sure that your children come to school over the winter with warm clothing, including hats and gloves. If it does snow, it may be that your child will need to walk home with you if driving conditions deteriorate and you are unable to drive to collect them. We would like you to remember that we will be keeping the school open wherever possible.

Kind regards

Mrs Becky Graham

This information will also be on the latest news link on our school website.