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Through the teaching of Jesus, and by his example, God makes it possible for us to

‘love’, ‘adventure’ and ‘grow’. Our Christian ethos and adventure curriculum at Holy Trinity

will ignite the children’s love for learning and exploring their faith. We will

inspire each and every one of our school family one to flourish and embrace the

diversity and challenges of life.

Matthew 19:26  (NIV) 26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible,

but with God all things are possible.”


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you, on behalf of the children, staff and governors, to Holy Trinity Primary School.

At Holy Trinity, our aim is to provide a learning environment that has no boundaries. It is built on a foundation of Christian principles that are caring, nurturing and supportive. It allows pupils and staff to challenge themselves and their own learning to achieve their full potential.

Our distinctly Christian ethos and values support our passion for education which inspires each and every one of our school family to flourish and embrace the diversity and challenges of life.

We all share our high aspirations and ambitions for children, and drive and determination to ensure that all pupils and adults in the school reach their full potential. We are not complacent, by any means, and are continually looking for ways in which we can further improve our school. 

At Holy Trinity, the Staff and Governors work in partnership with Parents and Carers. We value the contributions of a child’s whole family and are committed to building strong links with the community. We know that the more parents are engaged in their child’s learning, the greater the achievement, and we are delighted to talk with you about any aspect of your child’s learning and how you can support them at home.

As a school, we pride ourselves on being open and approachable and would encourage you to take the opportunity to visit us. We will be happy to welcome you.

Thank you for your interest in Holy Trinity.

Becky Graham 


Becky Graham



From time to time, school are happy to pass on leaflets and information from outside companies. Please be aware that by doing this, school are not actively endorsing the goods or services of those companies. Should you have any issues when dealing with those organisations, you will need to address these directly with the company in question. Thank you
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