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At Holy Trinity we celebrate individual difference and foster values of mutual respect preparing children for the diverse world in which we live and helping them reach their goals within it. We have high expectations for all of our children, wanting them to achieve to their potential and celebrating the small steps they make on their journey.



Holly Sandford


Miss Sandford works closely with teachers, Parents/Carers and outside agencies to support our children with special educational needs or disabilities.

  • When pupils have an identified special educational need or disability before they join our school, we work very closely with the people who already know them including parents and use the information already available to identify what possible barriers to learning may be within our school setting and to help us plan appropriate support strategies.
  • If parents believe that their child has a special educational need we will discuss this with them and assess their child accordingly. Often these assessments will be carried out by school though we will sometimes request advice from more specialised services such as Educational Psychology, Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Rushall Inclusion Advisory Team. We will work with parents and in consultation, plan the next steps to best support their child.
  • If teachers feel that a child has a special educational need, this may be because they are not making the same progress as other pupils. We believe that early identification and intervention is best to help your child achieve success. This will help us to identify the child’s need and plan strategies to support their learning. If school has become concerned about a child, parents will be contacted by the child’s class teacher in the first instance and /or the school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCO) Miss Sandford and their thoughts and opinions will be sought to best plan the next steps.

The external agencies in the Local Authority that we work with are:

  • Speech & Language Dept.
  • Occupational Therapy Dept.
  • Visual Impairment service
  • Hearing Impairment service
  • Community Paediatricians
  • Our school Educational Psychologist
  • Integrated Behaviour Support Service
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • School Health Team
  • Receiving secondary schools

Our school provision map outlines the strategies and teaching support that is available to ensure all children can make progress.

Even the smallest concern is important to us, you can discuss any concerns with your child’s class teacher, the school SENDCO (Miss Sandford) or the school Emotion and Wellbeing Manager Mrs Johnson.

To get in touch with the school SENDCO, please email postbox@holy-trinity.walsall.sch.uk 


“Children’s early language is fundamental to learning, literacy, social and emotional development. “

WellComm - Delayed language skills set the scene for under-performance later in life, yet many primary school children have unidentified speech and language difficulties. WellComm can help you to turn this around.


WellComm Early Years and the new WellComm Primary toolkits enable you to quickly and easily identify children needing speech and language support, which can make a crucial difference to their confidence and attainment.


Both toolkits are quick and simple to use (requiring no speech and language expertise) by teachers, teaching assistants, SENCOs and Early Years Practitioners – and can be used as many times as needed. The instant reports are quick to digest and use an easy to understand traffic light scoring format.


Both toolkits come with an age-appropriate ‘Big Book of Ideas’ providing a total of over 150 instant, play-based activities so you can take action straight away. The activities can be used at home too so that effective support is provided whether or not a child is referred to a Speech and Language Therapist.