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Our Curriculum

As a church school our values of ‘ love, adventure and grow’ underpin every aspect of school life at Holy Trinity.  

Through the teachings of Jesus, children are taught what it means to love. Through this, our pupils develop a respect for all of God’s children.
Our ambitious expectations and challenging curriculum stretch children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

We provide children with opportunities that help them to grow to be the best version of themselves - pushing children to work past their own comfortability limits in order to reach their full potential.

Our curriculum is designed with the latest cognitive science research in mind. This enables children to retain knowledge in the long term. We ensure the delivery of the curriculum is spaced out over time, to help children retain knowledge and skills, as well as ensuring children are not overwhelmed with information in lessons, thus reducing the risk of children experiencing 'cognitive overload’ where children struggle to retain information.

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced and children build cumulative sufficient knowledge and skills year on year. With these approaches, our expectations are extremely high for all learners, regardless of their starting points. 

 Subject Information

(More subjects coming soon)

Adventure Curriculum

At Holy Trinity Primary School, our curriculum motivates, engages and inspires the pupils through a series of learning journeys that we have titled ‘Adventures'. All of the curriculum areas are then delivered through this adventure. The beginning of each adventure is designed to hook all pupils in and acts as the ‘launch’ to the learning - these are names 'sensational starts'. Each Adventure then ends with a 'Fantastic Finish' to complete the learning.

Adventures have been carefully planned to ensure equity of curriculum areas (where appropriate), with most adventures lasting either 1 or 4 weeks.

Trips and visitors fit within these adventures to provide children with real life experiences as well as raising aspirations.

‚ÄčThe learning journey that the pupils go on, covers all subjects and are captured in one book.  The adventures allow for clear coverage of the National Curriculum. Coverage of curriculum areas is evident in the schools’ curriculum coverage grid.

A focus for our adventures is to prepare our pupils to be ‘secondary ready’ by the time they leave Holy Trinity. This is achieved by providing contextualised, purposeful learning that develops ‘life skills’ and focuses on pupils' development in becoming writers, mathematicians, historians and geographers etc.


Key Principles of our curriculum:

  • Raises aspirations for all pupils
  • Is purposeful and relevant and ensures that learning is contextualised
  • Ensures that children retain knowledge in the long term
  • Provides opportunities for children to revisit learning through the use of Adventure maps and low stake quizzing (see adventure maps on class pages).
  • Develops independent children who are aware of what they need in order to learn (metacognition and self-regulation) 
  • Inspires and immerses pupils in their learning
  • Develops a growth mindset
  • Celebrates the process of learning rather than just the product and ensures that failing is seen as an opportunity for new learning
  • Ensures that pupils are secondary ready by being heavily based on skills
  • Is memorable and experiential – ensuring that all pupils have opportunities to experiences that will enrich.
  • Develops strong relations with the community; the school, local and wider community
  • Promotes SMSC and British Values throughout their learning journeys


For curriculum overviews, please visit our class pages.

Commando Joe's - Character Education (Launching Summer Term 2022)

To view our Character Education Policy, please visit our policies page (click here)

At Holy Trinity, we use the Commando Joe's programme alongside our adventures to build resilience, inspire and motivate children. 

Commando Joe's founding ethos is 'no child left behind'. The sessions that teachers deliver aim to improve educational outcomes for pupils.



Early Years R.E.S.P.E.C.T - Characters

Photos of our adventures

 Trips and Visitors

Trips play an important part in our adventure curriculum.  They have long provided children with additional learning opportunities and experiences outside of the standard educational environment. Children of all ages are exposed to a variety of cultural and social institutions that enhance various aspects of their development, involve them in their community and cultivate their understanding of new ideas.
Shree Ram Mandir

Year 4 went on an Educational Visit to Shree Ram Mandir on Friday 7th February 2020 as part of their R.E Curriculum.  The children had the opportunity to add depth to their learning, provide a memorable experience and allow them to gain a broader understanding of Hinduism.


Year 5 and 6 had an amazing trip to London on Thursday 23rd January 2020. Traffic was dreadful so we had to shorten our visit to the British Museum but the Houses of Parliament really made up for it. We had tours of both the Houses of Lords and Commons and we then had our own Parliamentary debate where ES was the 'Speaker'. PB proposed the Bill that the Queen should pay for her own security and everyone had a chance to put forward their opinion. Then our local MP, Wendy Morton, came and spoke to us. She answered everyone's questions about her experiences as an MP. After that we had our photos taken outside Westminster Abbey's main door (where William and Kate entered on their wedding day) and then walked over Westminster Bridge to The London Eye. As it was dark, London looked amazing as it was all lit up. We spotted a lot of very famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, The Shard and The Houses of Parliament. It was travelling so slowly that we couldn't even feel the movement. It was a brilliant day and the children were really amazing.

Aldridge Fire Station

Year 4 were visited by local firemen from Aldridge to give us a safety talk all about fire. We have learnt some very valuable skills regarding how to evacuate a building safely, what to do in an emergency and how we can get some free smoke alarms to replace our old ones. If you wish to replace or get some smoke alarms for your house, they are free! All you need to do is call 08003895525 and Aldridge fire crew will come and fit them for you.