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Modern Foreign Language - French

French is taught through a multi-award winning Foreign Language resource called  ‘Language Magnet’ which includes 12 modules of foundational language for primary and schools that have been carefully crafted to enable students to attain a high standard of foreign language acquisition.


Each module is made up of sub-topics that build on each other, recycling and developing the language structures from previous modules, to deliver a unique and well designed course that shows a high level of progression with both language and grammar.


The 'Language Magnet' scheme allows pupils to develop the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. 


The audio sheets use QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) to enable pupils to scan the sheet with a mobile device and hear the language at home that they have learned in the lesson. The children take part in regular vocabulary learning, listening activities and fun games or songs to further embed their learning in an engaging way!


Follow this link to find out more about Language Magnet.



A European Day of Languages event is an annual feature on the school calendar whereby pupils across both Key Stage Two can enjoy a carousel of fun and exciting activities celebrating language learning and deepening their understanding of cultures across the continent.