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British Values

At Holy-Trinity we serve a diverse community and we take our responsibility to promote cohesion both in school and in the community seriously. We believe it is vital to demonstrate a strong set of values that question and support the children to understand what it means to grow up in a British Society. Within school, we learn, demonstrate and recognise Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, through our three values – Love, Adventure and Grow.

Children engage in Votes for School sessions which give our children better understanding of current affairs happening in the world today. We believe this is essential for children as it inspires and encourages them to start voting to make a difference to the world they are going to grow into.

SMSC stands for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Every school in England needs to be able to show pupil progress in SMSC. As part of the weekly vote, Votes for Schools, provides resources for informed decision-making, directly meeting the needs of children.

SMSC is delivered in lessons, assemblies, PSHE and citizenship lessons. It is also taught through a whole school approach. Votes for Schools was created to give all young people better knowledge of current news and get them voting! Every vote by a young person is shared with decision makers and makes a difference.

In Their Shoes
'The Spots' and 'The Stripes' have always hated one another for no real rwason other than they are different. But could this be about to change? In Their Shoes is Saltmine Theatre Company's British Values drama programme that celebrates and promotes unity in diversity and sensitively explores issues around extremism. The diverse cast combine to produce a play that is itself an example of what can be achieved when different people come together and use their abilities for the same goal.