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Daily Diet

Behaviour Policy 

Our behaviour policy is based around positive praise and restorative practise. Our ethos in school is that our school values and the vocabulary used by staff is essential to ensure that children are able to use our school values as a basis to live our life around. School values should be our very building blocks for behaviour, interaction and how we should live our lives inside and out of school. 

Daily Prayer (Note that all our prayer can be an opportunity to refer to our school values) 

  • Morning Prayer – at the beginning of the day; asks God for strength, support and thanks. 
  • Prayer during assembly – using school prayer, Lord’s Prayer or natural prayer. 
  • Lunchtime Prayer – Grace
  • End of day prayer 

Class Prayer areas 

At the start of the new academic year our prayer areas have been re-launched to encourage children to pray to God, to lay their problems at the foot of God, to have faith that God will be able to help and support issues and challenges children face in modern society. This has been delivered in line with our safeguarding policy alongside ensuring that children also know the need for support for adults within the school. 


Bibles for schools

One of the priorities of the Trustees is that children should be able to read and use the Bibles at the time they are given. The initial gift of Bibles is therefore for every pupil in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Once the first gift of Bibles has been made, the Trustees feel that it is important to make provision for future years so that each child moving to Year 2 has their own Children’s Bible and that each child has a copy of the Rainbow Good News Bible before they leave school.

Please click on the bible picture for more information.

Year 2 & Year 6 receive their Bibles