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Worship Leaders

At Holy Trinity we have a fantastic team of worship leaders that help with planning and taking collective worship; as well as being responsible for delivering their own termly collective worship to the whole school. Our worship leaders apply and are appointed to carry out important tasks and roles within the spiritual life of the school. They bring us together in prayer; they help to plan collective worship assemblies; and support adults and other children in their class collective worship.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Role models for our school values
  • Support Whole school, class and key stage assemblies
  • Support in the prayer shack
  • Undertake regular training in children’s prayer and support
  • Undertake regular training in how to seek help from adults
  • Assist in whole school improvement and developments of our Christian distinctiveness in school.
  • Monitor the usage of prayer areas across school.
  • Hold class assemblies in how to use prayer areas
  • Help to organise enrichment clubs
  • Offer help and support with ‘Bible club’.


Qualities of a Worship leader

  • Kind
  • Considerate
  • Helpful
  • Patient


How will Worship leaders be supported in school

  • Training: ‘Becoming a worship leader’
  • Training: ‘Prayer and supporting my peers’
  • Training: ‘How to see help from adults’
  • Half Termly meetings/updates with Senior leaders